Are you a licensed state agency?
No, this is a technology platform that connects users with licensed estate agencies in Malta.

Are the estate agencies connected to the platform licensed?
Yes, the platform has exclusively partnered with estate agencies that are fully licensed and compliant with the law in Malta. Your property search is handled by professionals who adhere to legal regulations and standards.

How many estate agencies will contact me?
The number of estate agencies who will contact you depends on the specific search criteria you’ve provided, including property type, budget, and location. The system connects you with estate agencies tailored to your needs.

Is my data safe and secure?
Yes, your data are safe and secure on the platform and stored in full compliance with GDPR. It is a high priority to protect your data and ensure it remains confidential and fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

Where can I find more information about rental laws?
You can find more detailed information about the rental law on Housing Authority. This official source provides comprehensive insights into the relevant regulations and guidelines.

Do rental contracts need to be registered?
Yes, a rental agreement has to be registered with the Housing Authority in Malta. Typically, it is the landlord’s responsibility, although estate agencies often handle this process as well. It is recommended you confirm this with your estate agent to ensure compliance. You will receive a confirmation email directly from the Housing Authority once the registration is completed.

Who is behind this platform?
The platform is driven by Ricco Mortensen, a system developer and entrepreneur who’s passionate about simplifying life through technology. The platform connects you with 45+ estate agencies, making finding your dream home effortless.

Is the platform free of charge?
Yes, it’s free of charge in terms of using the platform to simplify your property search in Malta without any fees from the platform.

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?
You can unsubscribe from informative emails by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of every email sent to you.

I have already found a home. Should I contact anyone or take any further action?
When you have found your property, it would be appreciated if you could contact the estate agencies that have reached out to you, informing them accordingly. Please note that since the platform is only connecting you with estate agencies, communication afterwards is between you and your estate agencies.

Do I need to pay a commission to the estate agencies?
Yes, for rentals the estate agency will typically charge a one-month rental fee as an agency fee. This fee is split between the lessee (tenant) and the lessor (landlord), with each responsible for half of the fee, plus an additional 18% VAT.

For rentals: If you rent a property for €1,000 per month, you will pay €500 (half of the fee) plus €90 in VAT, a total of €590.

For buying a property: When you purchase a property, it is usually the seller who covers the agency fee.

Can a property be listed with more than one estate agency?
Yes, it can. There are no laws restricting the number of estate agencies that can list a property, and the price can also vary. A property owner has the flexibility to work with multiple estate agents or choose to work exclusively with one. The choice is entirely up to the property owner’s preferences.